About The Blaze

Our vision is to establish a habitation for God

What is the goal?

Cross-cultural, cross-denomination, unified prayer and worship

This is accomplished through the gathering of people from all walks of life that have a desire to experience more of GOD. In this season, GOD is breaking down the cultural walls and the denominational walls that have separated us. Even the twelve tribes of Israel, as diverse as they were, came together to worship and also to go to battle. If we as God’s people are going to successfully take our families and our communities back for God, we will need to work with each other in unity, celebrating our diversity while making GOD the unifying thread.

What is the sound?

The sound of heaven, which is the sound of worship and of war

There is a new sound arising in the earth. This sound is being released by an army of Worshiping Warriors. It is an army made up of passionate lovers and fierce warriors. We love GOD passionately and live a life of intimacy with Him.  We also hear GOD’s heart. We love what He loves and we hate what He hates. We are not afraid to stand against darkness. As God’s ecclesia we stand in prayer and intercession, making decrees according to the strategy that He releases.

This new sound is more than just music or good harmonies. This sound changes the atmosphere, it shifts territories. This sound lifts the name of Jesus, darkness is pushed back, and Kingdom light is released.

When this new sound is released into the atmosphere, there are manifestations of GOD’s glory and GOD’s power. People experience encounters with the Living GOD on personal and corporate levels. Healings and deliverance take place. Salvation comes because the people have experienced the power of GOD for themselves.

This sound is the  sound of heaven, it’s the sound of the Kingdom, it’s preparing the way of the Lord!

What is the reason?

To establish a habitation for the Lord, rebuilding the Tabernacle of David

In this season, GOD is restoring David’s Tabernacle. In King David’s time, the tabernacle was the place where people came to meet with GOD. David’s Tabernacle was different because no longer were only the priest permitted to come and minister before the Lord, all could come and minister before the Lord.

GOD is restoring that in this day. He is  restoring this in churches, regions, and ultimately within the hearts of man.

What is the method?

In the spirit of the Tabernacle of   David, which includes Levites: Psalmists (prophetic singers ),  Minstrels (musicians), and  also Gatekeepers (Intercessors)

David’s Tabernacle was the first to incorporate music, singing, dancing, and celebration with worship and the presence of  GOD. David’s Tabernacle focuses on the supremacy and the awesomeness of GOD. All are able to participate which makes this method enjoyable and can be sustained for extended periods of time.


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