Fan the Flame: 7-10-2011


If after telling a person your name, they replied that what you said was not who you are, your reaction would surely be that this person was crazy and obviously had no idea what they are talking about. You would not even entertain the fact that you may be incorrect. I mean it’s your name, isn’t it?  You’ve been called by this name from birth, it’s never changed. There’s never been any uncertainty about it. You never stopped one day and said to yourself, “what a minute, maybe I’m not Dana….”( Or whatever your name is.) Right?

The point is that if this were to happen, you completely would reject this person’s statement. Not because you were convinced that they were wrong, it would be because you knew for a fact that they were wrong. We need to have this same firm response when the enemy speaks to us. See, there is a destiny and calling that the Lord has spoken over us from the time we were born, that thing that we were literally created to do. It’s who we are.

We know the enemy has been on a mission since our birth to keep us from believing who we are. If he can keep us in a place of uncertainty, he can keep us off balance just enough so that we will not fully accomplish all that we were created to do. When we hear the enemy in our ear telling us who we aren’t and what we can’t do, we need to reject those words and not allow them to penetrate our thoughts. Just like if a person tried to tell you what your name wasn’t, we wouldn’t even entertain the statement.

See when you know who you are, no one can tell you otherwise. That is why I say we cannot be just convinced we have to actually know. If we were only convinced, that would mean that we were persuaded to the point of belief. That means that with the right words and persistently we could possibly be convinced otherwise. But when we know something, there is a firm assurance of what you believe, and you will not be easily swayed.

Now how do you get to that place of firm assurance of knowing who you are? Well how did you get to know what your name was? It was rehearsed over you continually throughout your life. It was declared over you repeatedly. It’s so worked into your heart, mind, and spirit that anything else would seem crazy.

We have to do the same thing with who we are. We have to rehearse what God has said about us repeatedly. Take what God has said about you in His word and even your personal prophecies, write it out, rehearse them, and declare them over yourself continually. Do this regularly, never stop. Even after you reach a place of knowing, still reinforce what you already know. It keeps the belief strong and fortified.

Know who God says you are and keep the fire blazing!



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